Against Powers

with Predex

Working closely with Predex we  create a new image. The company distributes and installs high-quality premium doors, windows and shading products that multiply the feeling of home comfort against the forces of nature.


In addition to characteristic colors simulations were highly emphasized in the look of the four seasons. Continuity between the scenes played a primary role connected by an opening products.


The animations were created in both traditional and procedural ways using parametrized connections between translation, lights, shape values.


Through the products that open in different opening directions we come into contact with the energies of nature, such as rain, wind, frost and light. 

Arriving at the innermost scene, following the construction of our home the main services are highlighted, such as the survey, installation and execution, which ends at the focal point in the Hungarian Capital panorama.

After that we return outside in the informal part to the upper level.


Design & Direction
MotionTech – 3D animation




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