Birth Of Light

with Lightcore Studio

The way out of our innermost fear from the darkness of the unknown is lit by the ancient source of light, by the first giver of light, by the fire of the self-sacrificing tree.


“My friend and faithful servant, you were the floor under my feet and
cradle of my child for centuries but first you gave me light.”

Lightcore Studio gives the first earthly illuminator an eternal mission in our home with the non-burning wood symbol. It has a worthy and distinguished place next to modern materials and modern living space, one by one representing man’s uniquely intertwined relationship with nature and light.


We get out from the dark unknown Hell into a warm modern house close to the nature following the lights of Lightcore Studio’s lamps.


We arrive Home, where the light sources respectfully perform their eternal mission, far from the hell we only a book reading about.


With the innovative technology of 3D scanning, there are many opportunities to digitize complex geometries. After shaping the scene and optimizing the textures, the 3D environment can achive the quality of the reality almost completely.

“It is a great experience to work with a professional, whose artistic talent competes with his technical skills. There is no need to explain or to ask twice. He is precise and maximalist in every small detail of his work.”

Ildiko Sarkadi
Founder & Director
LightCore Studio


Design & Direction
MotionTech – 3D animation



Lightcore Studio

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