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Work with DTI was an amazing experience of deep diving into electric vehicle inverter systems on land, water and air. As a result of our strongly cooperation we successfully shaped their image with this piece of intro.
DTI’s goal is to make innovation in the field of e-mobility. It is important for them to help their clients to make their whole electric project successful. They are involved in several e-projects in the EV industry.

Behind the scenes

EV inverters are essential components in electric vehicles, responsible for converting the DC power from the battery into AC power to drive the electric motor.

Highlighting the three main properties of inverters (durability, high-performance, lightweight),
I wanted to show, in addition to the areas of use, their other properties, such as fast reaction time, stackability, and angle rotation control.

For the best presentation of all this, we found out the rally car, speedboat and glider installations, which I was able to present both in a real environment and in x-ray mode with an interface describing the system.

As a result, in addition to creating a teaser, I also created a video highlighting technical content.


I was able to demonstrate the durability and robustness of the electric inverter best on an electric rally car, where the demands for reliable overcoming of extreme conditions are highest, both in terms of 4×4 drive, fast reaction time and handling of sudden power jumps.


An electric motorboat was suitable to best illustrate the power of the system.

With this setup, in addition to the stackability of the inverters, the main goal was to highlight the 800V voltage limit, the expandability of the system and the display of additional components distributed by DTI.

It was important to emphasize that the company can help its clients not only in the distribution of inverters, but also in the overview of the entire system, advice and the provision of additional components that best fit to DTI Inverters.


One of the main uniqueness and advantages of DTI inverters is the good power-to-weight ratio, which is the best in the class.

The most important users of this feature are the aircraft industry, where every gram counts.
Propeller-powered gliders already have electric drives, in which the best choice is to install DTI inverters.
An additional advantage beside lightweight is the controllability of precise angle rotation.

UI Design

Due to accuracy, the design of the user interface is based on real data in addition to DTI’s color scheme and brand colors, thereby communicating the precise, professionally accurate, excellent design that characterizes the company.


Design & Direction
MotionTech – 3D animation



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