for Pepsi Space Competition

It was an incredible experience to participate in a competition organized by Pepsi. The theme of my application is diversity. As colorful as we are on the outside (images at the beginning), the world inside is so rich (abstract series). Still, Pepsi suits everyone.
Thank you for full Sound Design:
Adam Helesfai (@adamhelesfai)

What we see outside

Whether it’s the choleric boss figure or the sanguine lounger, the artist or the engineer, these external types certainly hide a lot.
in these scenes I presented the contrast of the external features. The serious, dark, clean style is replaced by a friendly, sunny restaurant with a crocheted tablecloth. After that, the freer artist’s workspace is replaced by the engineer’s office, where calculation data runs.
After that, the dark openness and the closed “light” took place, then the natural contrasts such as plants living in the dark and motionless stones in the light.
These can also be human types, because there are open and closed, soft and brittle. They can be mysteriously dark and brightly shining.
This is followed by a light show, a bright hotel room or nature full of wet pebbles. This brings us to the day workers and the night workers.

Let’s get deep


Abstract series show variety and color.


I specialize in creating captivating visual effects using a vibrant and colorful palette. From models and animations to textures and more, I tried to implement dinamic and creativity in the final results. 


Design & Direction
MotionTech – 3D animation

Sound Design: Adam Helesfai



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