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Rollout 2023

with Arrabona Racing Team

It has been an incredible experience and honor to immerse myself in the creation of the technically outstanding showcase.
The Arrabona Racing Team is an team supported by Audi Hungaria and Széchenyi István University in Győr. The team competes with an uniquely designed and constructed race car and achieved exceptional results among the world’s best in 2022. In 2023, they have implemented a new concept in collaboration with their brother team, SZEngine.
In celebration of this anniversary occasion, a presentation was prepared to showcase their high-quality engineering work, which was presented to the university rector, representatives from Audi Hungaria, other sponsors and family members.

The Information

The presentation comprehensively covers all technical aspects of the car: suspension, aerodynamics, chassis, engine, drivetrain, electronics, and driverless function.

My goal was to facilitate communication by visually showcasing the intricacies that are difficult to explain verbally. By employing captivating callout animations, the focus is directed towards the development areas, making it easier to understand and visualize the concepts that are otherwise challenging to convey in words.

How does it work

In some particular section, operational animations demonstrate the intricate mechanisms at work.

Menu change

The brother team’s presentation was integrated into the main presentation, accompanied by a secondary menu, where interested individuals can explore further details about the engine’s other enhancements.

For this purpose, a transitional assembly section was created, delicately separating the two parts. This allows for a smooth transition between the main presentation and the dedicated section focusing on the additional engine developments.

Behind the scenes

The work consisted of four main parts:

1.) Gathering of information and interpretation of technical data, development of menu structure.

2.) 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animation, and rendering.

3.) 2D post-processing, designing captions, buttons, and other graphical elements.

4.) Working on structuring the code and creating an application that allows both offline and online viewing. This enables users to easily share the presentation using a link.


Design & Direction
MotionTech – 3D animation



ART & SZEngine

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