with SZEngine

As a great opportunity with SZEngine development team we work together to create a stunning visual introduction of their brand new engine concept in a short presentation.
SZEngine is one of the world’s best-ranked racing teams in its series supported by Széchenyi István University in Győr and two department of Audi Hungaria: the Department of Internal Combustion Engines and the Engine Development Department.

Behind the scenes

SZEngine develops special and innovative engines optimized especially for a worldwide racing series where teams design and build a single-seater racing car to perform on various static and dynamic race events.

As a concept design, many parts have not yet finished, the complexity of the engine has been simplified but the feeling has been preserved.

The Assembly

Parts were digitized mainly with CAD software, with the exception of the two casting halves of the crankcase, which were included in the animation as 3D scanned models.


The focus of the team’s developments is the single-cylinder internal combustion engine concept, because this design has the best power-to-weight ratio and the most favorable fuel consuption.

The engine is animated according to assebmly queue.


Design & Direction
MotionTech – 3D animation




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