with XCBlade

Revolutionizing the ice skating world with an adrenaline-pumped collaboration with the brilliant inventor and forward-thinking CEO! Our latest brand video is one of the biggest journey, revealing the !unparalleled! benefits of the groundbreaking 3D ice skate blade. Feel yourself in a brand new shift in a stagnant 150-year-old era of ice skate blades – the revolution is here!

The Essence

XCBlade stands out from the rest with a unique design—unlike typical blades, it doesn’t have straight edges. Instead, its edges gently spread out from the center towards the front and rear, setting it apart for a distinct and advanced skating experience.”
Thanks to its uniquely curved edge, ice skating with XCBlade offers enhanced stability in various conditions. The infographics below illustrate different scenarios.



Design & Direction
MotionTech – 3D animations




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